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So I thought we should get out ahead of Congress, so we left home at the PGA Golf Club in southern Florida, and went to spend the weekend-plus at Hilton Head and surrounds.

After family fun and a couple of rounds of golf, we decided to take a peek at the home of the enemy#1, so I-95ed our way to the Nation’s Capitol, actually McLean VA. Great old friends, excellent scotch and wine, and cuisine. Walked in a park and was told one could walk or bike within it all the way to West Virginia or south to Charlottesville, presumably without ever having to encounter reality. Hence my last essay here, “Shut ‘em down”.

From there we auto’d northeast to the “city that never sleeps”, NYC, staying with offspring in the “fashionable-upper-eastside” of Manhattan. Love “the city”. Heck, it’s where I was born.

Feeling guilty about having too much fun, and knowing that, like money, happiness is a fixed commodity, and I was hogging more than my “fair share”, I decided to redistribute some by driving out to the very-tip of the North Fork of Long Island to our son’s “weekend house”. Five days here with great scotch (even their dog is named “Scotch”), great wine (it’s wall-to-wall wineries out here), great seaside eateries, ferrying to Shelter Island and even Sag Harbor over on Long Island’s South Fork, playing with our dogs – bailey and Scotch – on the beach and in the surf, I’m afraid I must admit that that redistribute thingy didn’t work. I’ve been having “more fun than a human being should be allowed.” There oughta be a law.

In a few hours we’ll head back to the City, there to spend a night and get a three-hour jump start on tomorrow’s drive westbound to Lake Erie in northeastern Ohio near Cleveland. Heck, if GOP Leadership thought they oughta go there, I’ve gotta check it out. It’ll be a one-nighter there with friends – Are you seeing the waterside theme here? — enroute to a couple of days at Duck Lake in southern Michigan, boating, more golfing, revisiting our former life of a quarter-century ago. Might pause while passing Detroit to offer paying some water bills to those who promise to vote GOP in November. It’s a play on the PETA play.

From there it’ll be a weekend-plus-plus on Lake Michigan visiting with lots of family, followed by five days in East Tennessee, our former home base of twenty years. Yes, we’ll be staying on the main channel of the Tennessee River to continue our water theme. My foci each day are (a) taking all of my scheduled meds, (b) seeing that everything we packed for the trip gets back to the car before moving on, and (c) keeping my left elbow from “flying” during my backswing. It’s mentally-exhausting, so justifies my other focus (d?) on scotch consumption.

From there we’ll route ourselves back through the Hilton Head Area of South Carolina for another weekend of golf – following a round on Long Island, another at Duck Lake, and one in East Tennessee – on our return home to PGA. Twenty-four days on the road in toto It’s tough being me.

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Shut ‘em down . . .



All so-called “National Parks” and “National Forests” in the United States should (a) be closed, then (b) deeded to the states in which each is located. No money should accrue to the federal government since it stole the land illegally and unconstitutionally in the first place.

Each state should then decide legislatively whether to own and operate those parks, etc. or sell the properties to people in the private sector. Individual Americans may then decide whether to live and work in states with excessive so-called “public lands” or not, choosing with their feet so to speak.


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Give me liberty or give me . . . poverty!



Give me liberty or give me . . . poverty! Not death, poverty.

Contrary to what a majority of Americans just know for sure to be true, the greater the economic freedom in a country and the less government intrusion and regulation there is, the greater is the wealth . . . of the poorest of the poor. Indeed, in countries ranked in the top 10% on an index of economic freedom, the poorest 10% of their people are five times as wealthy as their counterparts in the countries ranked in the bottom 10%.

So if you’re poor (in your own mind) or if you really actually want to help “the poor”, you should flip your thinking as to for whom to vote this fall. You should vote for those who’ll shrink government, not those who’ll grow it. The USA has gone from #1 in economic freedom at its founding to barely top 10 as of 2008 to now #17.


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Nonrandom thoughts on the passing scene



One who is collecting unemployment compensation, unless purchased as insurance, is by choice not producing anything of value. To fulfill being adult and human one should and must produce something or somethings which are of value to others.

One who is collecting extended unemployment compensation is by choice committed to not producing anything of value except CO2 to feed the trees.

One who — having exhausted extended unemployment compensation — is now collecting Social Security Disability Insurance, is by choice having colluded with a medical professional to for a lifetime defraud American taxpayers while supporting government bureaucrats.

One who is receiving food stamps and/or receiving ADC and/or so-called “earned income tax credits” and/or living in subsidized housing and/or using Medicaid and/or any other “welfare” program is willfully committing armed robbery of neighbors, albeit having government commit the theft on his or her behalf.

Anyone can be victimized – be robbed, be raped, be defrauded, etc. – but BEING a victim is a self-destructive and self-limiting choice.

Addiction is NOT something that happens, something caused by the substance or chemical. Addiction is self-inflicted choosing. The cure isn’t treatment. The cure is self-correcting choice followed by self-affirming discipline.

If one isn’t invested in himself – improving, expanding, developing – one doesn’t take care of himself. That is why so so many poor in America are also obese. If one isn’t invested in where he resides, one doesn’t care for and maintain that property. That is why so many poor in America live in squalid slums.

THE formula* for acquiring property and, thus, wealth in America is to produce what others value enough that for you it is profitable. Lebron James (basketball player) and Nick Saban (football coach) are extraordinarily-valued employees. Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Steve Jobs (Apple), Sam Walton (Walmart) and Jim Haslam (Pilot Oil) were/are extraordinarily-valued entrepreneurs.   It is self-limiting and self-destructive to hate or envy them. It is self-enhancing and empowering to emulate them.

[* The exceptions are the few-percentage-wise who lie, steal and cheat for the time before they’re caught and prosecuted, and those, again few-percentage-wise, who exercise legal fiduciary responsibility when sought by people in government to collude in quid-pro-quo-one-hand-washes-the-other crony fascism.]

“When the goin’ gets tough, the tough get goin.’” (WPHS T&F Coach Edwin Kehe, 1958) Winning in life isn’t easy . . . but worth it. Heck, doing okay in life isn’t easy, competing and doing the very best you can isn’t easy . . . but worth it.

Each and every morning, make your first chore properly making your bed. Start each day with an act of discipline. (Admiral William McRaven, former member of Navy Seal Team 3, commencement speech, University of Texas, May 2014) A body in motion tends to stay in motion. A body at rest tends to stay at rest. Get up, get moving. A dime wedged on a track in front of a train’s wheel can prevent the powerful engine from getting the train moving. A dime on the track in front of a moving train gets squashed like a bug.

At whatever you do to create value for others in the pursuit of happiness for yourself and your family, commit to and strive to become the best at it that has ever lived. Waiter, dishwasher, lawncare tech, Walmart greeter, doctor, painter, plumber, EMT, doesn’t matter; be the best of all-time.

My rational and logical analysis of what can and cannot make sense of the observable world in which we live produced, I am convinced, some universal truths. [Incidentally, America’s Founders, it seems, came to identical understandings and proclaimed them in the Declaration of Independence.]

  1. Each human being comes equal, equal in the sense of being human, so not animal, not vegetable, human, male or female, yes, but especially, human. Each human being also comes unique like snowflakes do, so unlike anyone else.
  2. Each human being comes to Planet Earth sovereign, so subject to no other without explicit permission. Children come temporarily subject to the guidance of their parents before achieving the ability to competently execute their sovereignty.
  3. Each human being comes with certain unalienable rights from the Creator or Nature’s God (or whomever you believe to be the source of life): the right to life, the right to liberty (the right to do whatever the heck you want . . . just as long as not infringing on others’ like rights in the process), and the right to property (first self, organs, tissues, then ideas, talents, skills, appearance, strength, then what produced, then what acquired in free trade and exchange; all of this from whence comes the pursuit of happiness).
  4. Each human being also comes with the unalienable right to self-defense of the above.
  5. No human being has any right to what others produce; so no right to shelter, to groceries, to transportation, to so-called “healthcare”, to a job, to a “living wage”, to welfare.
  6. There is no such thing as “women’s rights” any more than there are “men’s rights”; no such thing as “minority rights” any more than there are “majority rights”. These natural rights are universal and individual because all humans are both equal and unique.

One can read and hear of scenarios in which society and some so-called “social contract” trumps individuals and their universal individual rights as have been expressed above, but all such arguments fall apart of their own nonrationality and nonlogic. When, for example, the USA was formed government wasn’t granted, didn’t acquire rights. Governments don’t have rights. Corporations don’t have rights. Animals and plants don’t have rights. Individual human beings do.

We the People, each of us with the unalienable individual right to self-defense of our sovereignty and natural rights, were thus properly able to authorize the newly-formed U.S. Government to collectively protect and defend our rights as we did individually. We the People did that, no more and no less.

That government is supposed to do that vis-à-vis foreign threats militarily a priori and vis-à-vis domestic threats ex post facto via civil or criminal adjudication. That government has increasingly for now a century failed in that duty and, indeed, become the greatest plunderer of human rights and the greatest enemy of We the People.

Individuals trump family, family trumps friends and neighbors, friends and neighbors trump communities which trump cities and counties which trump states which trump nation which trumps the United Nations, a naively-created farcical bit of silliness. Subsidiarity.



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Cloward & Piven implemented



Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are, and have been in recent days, flooding across our southern border with Mexico with absolutely no effort on our obama4part to slow, much less stop, it. Why? President Obama invited them and ordered us.

Arizona and Texas have thousands of immigrants who are unaccompanied children as young as three years old. It is a humanitarian disaster and Americans in Arizona and Texas have been intentionally placed in a lose-lose crisis. Why? President Obama seeks to implode the American legal system, the American economy, the American rule of law, indeed America.

The U.S. Department of Justice is hiring and providing lawyers at taxpayer expense to represent the illegals in any effort against American taxpayers. Why? obama-whisper2See above. If you’d taken a graduate school class at Columbia University with Barack Obama, you’d see all of this clearly. Professors Cloward and Piven. Top-down, bottom-up, overwhelm the system, causing it to crash.


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Barking up the wrong tree while spitting into the wind



I think it sad that so much discussion in public discourse is about who controls the seat of government power rather than what and how much power said government wields.  It is starkly-clear to many with whom I speak and interact that the leftist-progressive/liberal-Alinskyite-Cloward-&-Piven-implode-capitalism-and-America folks in congress and particularly the White House and executive branch are too powerful, and must be stopped.  And I agree.

What even the folks with whom I regularly interact seek, however, is replacing those now there with all that government power and force with better people, you know, people who think as do we.  In my almost-always-humble opinion, what We the People must do is to wrest almost all of that power from the governments one way or the other and take charge of our unalienable rights to life, to liberty, and to property.

There is no acceptable future and life until that is done.  James Madison states it well in Federalist 51: “But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.”

F.A. Hayak said in his essay “Why I am not a conservative”, “[T] he conservative does not object to coercion or arbitrary power so long as it is used for what he regards as the right purposes. He believes that if government is in the hands of decent men, it ought not to be too much restricted by rigid rules. Since he is essentially opportunist and lacks principles , his main hope must be that the wise and the good will rule— not merely by example, as we all must wish, but by authority given to them and enforced by them. Like the socialist, he is less concerned with the problem of how the powers of government should be limited than with that of who wields them; and, like the socialist, he regards himself as entitled to force the value he holds on other people.”

We — people who say we need to replace the progressives/liberals in government with conservatives — want to kill the EPA and the Departments of Education, Health & Human Services, and Housing & Urban Development, but don’t want a finger to be laid upon all of the Agriculture crony fascism and the industrial-military complex of which President Eisenhower warned.


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America the beautiful dumb



America has faced three life-or-death crises:  The Revolution, slavery and the “Civil War”, and progressivism/liberalism.  We emerged victorious from the first two.  I think we’ll lose the third.

In 1913 with our first progressive prexy (Woodrow Wilson), a Democrat-controlled House and a Democrat-controlled Senate we amended Constitution to obliterate the concept of subsidiarity by no longer having states choose their two representatives to the upper chamber of the U.S. Congress, the Senate.  This dumbed-down the Senate, thus benefiting Democrats.

1960s instituted The Great Society including its War on Poverty which bought gobs of votes for Democrats from people who now vote for a living rather than work for a living.

1980s-present encouraged the immigration of uneducated-unskilled Latinos and Hispanics while discouraging, indeed banning, immigration by hard-working self-sufficient educated-skilled Asian scientists and engineers, thus benefiting Democrats.

2014 the New York State Assembly and Senate voted for the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which would select New York’s 29 electors to the Electoral College based on the national popular vote.  If signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, that would make 160 of the 270 necessary to implement the change.  Today the biggest impediment to voter fraud in presidential elections is that serious monitoring need only be done in battleground states where outcomes might be close.  NPV would explode the opportunities for voter fraud, thus benefiting Democrats.

Also 2014 — note that the pace has quickened to warp-speed — Attorney General Eric Holder in another move to have the “federal” government plunder subsidiarity with a top-down move is seeking to overrule states’ disallowing convicted felons from voting in federal elections.  Why, you ask?  Researchers have discovered that three-fourths of America’s convicted murderers, rapists and thieves are Democrats.

The latest progressive/liberal gambit moving toward the 2014 midterm elections is pot.  Among young voters who skew Democrat they are much more likely to go to the polls if either legalizing medical or recreational  marijuana or both is on the ballot.  Democrats are moving to do just that in many states.  In addition to getting more Democrats elected, they salivate at the thought of more tax revenues so bigger government.

In a mere 225 years America has gone from a fiercely-independent people to one where a substantial majority want a big national government in control.  When asked whether they’d rather make their own decisions about investing in their retirement or have the U.S. Government do that for them, a substantial majority of Americans chose the latter.  We the People have plummeted from “Give me liberty or give me death” to, if McDonald’s runs out of fries, We call 9-1-1.


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