USAID (The U.S. Agency for International Development) is wrongheaded. Welfare – individual or corporate, domestic or foreign – is wrongheaded. The idea from the getgo of the United Nations was naiive and nonthinking. “Sharing the wealth” ditto. America would benefit from a Bill Gates continuing to invent and innovate (creating wealth) rather than heading the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation (redistributing wealth) .

If – and both seek it – China and India achieve – say, over the next twenty-ish years – living like Americans do today, the result will be environmental catastrophe. Before that many people consume energy per capita like today’s Americans, energy sources beyond currently-known will have to be discovered and developed. Otherwise, it will be like everyone is working down in a coal mine developing black-lung disease.

We need to invent power to produce new wealth without using today’s sources of energy. We need to know whether ideal human nutrition is universal, unique to each individual, somewhere between, changing with aging.

While the idea of “developing nations” is fine and good, the very notion of so-called “developed nations” is disaster-in-the-making. It connotes having achieved everything. Nothing new to discover or invent. Schools teach “conventional wisdom”. Corporations/bureaucracies teach/train “best practices”. That is the road to ruin. Entropy.

Progressivism is about redistributing what exists. Progress is about creating what doesn’t. Progress comes from creation of markedly-new-and-breakthrough-better. Progressivism has and continues to stifle, if not kill, progress. Progressivism seeks to fix history. Progress is inventing the future, one that is game-changingly-better than the present. History is irrelevant; is, well, . . . history. If your mindset is that we must be mindful of history lest we repeat it, you are a nonplayer in technology. Conventional wisdom.

I sense – though I haven’t surveyed – that most adults know that the “common good” is the “social contract” which trumps what any individual rights or wants my selfish self might have. I, on the other hand, know that they are dead-wrong and that what they know with certainty cannot rationally and logically make sense. They feel; I think.

Subsidiarity trumps. The peak of the pyramid is the individual, below which is family, below which come friends and neighbors, then community. Society with its “common good” is at the very bottom. That said, my power and nutrition breakthroughs are least likely to come from society and second-least-likely to come from individuals. Breakthroughs are most-likely to come from handfuls or teams of half-dozenish bright thinkers collaborating.

How much for we who have been in business that we know about business is based upon the sum of what has and hasn’t worked before? Being tomorrow for what has or against what hasn’t might well both be wrong. The next Bill Gates or Jonas Salk won’t invent an operating system or polio vaccine. They already exist. What’s required is thinking, analytical, rational, logical, but creative and collaborative. Don’t follow a crowd and don’t oppose one. Just do your own thinking and brainstorm.

Since I believe in answering a question asked of me, when a grandkid or other young’n asks my advice on what to major in at college, I advise majoring in one which doesn’t exist or having a dual-major combo that will evoke laughter from all their friends. If I were asked what to do after high school as most now exist, college wouldn’t make it into my top-five. To aspiring entrepreneurs I recommend a business providing something never before seen or even contemplated, and very tough to duplicate.

When economies – so pre-America – were fixed-wealth-pie, a monopoly was the enemy of consumers. Our biases remain anti-monopoly, but are mistaken. If a start-up business becomes a monopoly by growing the wealth-pie, everyone benefits. Think Google. America was once aggressively-forward-thinking and, thus, wealth-creating. It is now bet-hedging and investment-diversifying, all to protect what we have. The two biggest culprits in causing America to be cautious pessimists rather than energetic optimists, in my opinion, are the federal administrative-regulatory-unconstitutional bureaucracy and government-operated schools. If anyone survives the latter with any ability to actually think, the former will punish the thinker into oblivion.


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America the stagnant?



When just newly-homeless and alone at age sixteen almost six decades ago, ( and therefore in need of my own job and means to provide for myself, I had an aha experience, a eureka moment. When I obtained a job as a pot washer in a hotel’s restaurant, I determined to be “the best potwasher that’s ever lived”. As I was promoted and promoted again, I continued seeking and striving to be “the best whatever that’s ever lived”.

My orientation dictated that I be creative, unusually creative, at whatever job I was assigned. Indeed, it required that I be unique, someone with a monopoly in the marketplace at being me. At waitering, at bartending, at car parking, etc.etc., I sought to and, I believe, achieved being one-of-a-kind, not a commodity. Later, when a major university was looking to add a professor in hospitality and tourism business, and when they specified their criteria for the perfect candidate, that university determined that there was only one person in the world meeting them, me. That’s the negotiating and bargaining position to have, unique, a monopoly, no competitors.

Increasingly – indeed, geometrically-increasingly – Americans, American entrepreneurs, American businesses, and American nonprofits are so onerously-regulated – illegally and unconstitutionally, I must add – by U.S. Government executive-branch administrative bureaucrats, who are having the time of their lives dictating daily what we must and must not do and punishing us when we fail at it, that creativity, uniqueness, much less differentiation, becoming “the best whatever that’s ever lived” is now near-impossible.

Top-down regulation forces everyone to adhere to “best practices”, which are yesterday or yesteryear, certainly not brand-new, not futuristic, not increasing the size of the economic and benefits pies, just affecting how the stagnant pies are sliced.

What revolutionary product/service has been introduced in recent decades vis-à-vis transportation, getting from here to somewhere else? As close as we’ve had are drones, unmanned flying machines. Pilots of airplanes are required by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to have aboard and available at all times a hard-copy of the proper flight manual, a big and bulky thing. The FAA has demolished progress with drone technology by among other things also mandating the little drones also carry such a flight manual, that despite that there’s no one ever aboard to read them.

When grandkids or even non-family young folks have asked me in what field or discipline I thought they should major in college, I have for decades always said “something that doesn’t yet exist” or maybe “a dual-major in a combination that everyone will laugh at”. If I were asked today, I think I’d have to recommend the same, but abroad in a country with a much-higher economic-freedom ranking than the USA. There was a reason why America started as a small economy and for a while remained like other economies – with wealth a zero-sum game, never growing, just shifting it around – but then stopped being zero-sum like everywhere else and, indeed, grew rapidly to being 25% of global GDP.

Farming technology, the telegraph, electricity, the internal-combustion engine, chemical discoveries, the telephone, airplanes, medical and pharmaceutical discoveries, nuclear energy, television, computers, etc. etc. etc. Individual and small groups creatively inventing solutions for needs and wants consumers didn’t even know they had. Growing the pie rather than continuing to merely share it.

If I were a young adult today, I’d rather build my life and career in, say, Hong Kong or Singapore or Australia or Switzerland or New Zealand or even Canada, or a half-dozen other countries than in the ever-more-oppressive America. Heck, if I were among the poorest-of-the-poor, I’d rather as well be in those countries than in America.


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Two clases in America? Permanently?



Businesses in America – any business, whether a golf course, a restaurant, a grocery store, a hardware store, or even a widget maker – succeed or fail based on whether they provide what consumers want and faster, better-quality, cheaper, pilot oilfriendlier, more-comfortably, better-wrapped, with more-innovation than anyone else, and those who choose them willingly pay enough to make them profitable. Employees of such businesses are valued by these businesses and are paid by them according to the extent to which they contribute to what makes the businesses succeed.

Businesses and employees of them have to always understand that each and every customer has choice and free-will. Customers must be persuaded to choose. They cannot be forced. Then there are America’s schools.

America’s so-called “public schools” don’t serve their customers, student-children and their parents. They serve teachers and other employees, serve unions and their bosses, serve politicians and government bureaucrats. They do so at the expense of students, parents, and taxpayers. And they do so at the expense of America and the American Dream. They never ever seek faster, better-quality, cheaper, friendlier, more-comfortably, better-wrapped, with more-innovation.

Parents who have achieved as entrepreneurs, so own successful businesses, or have achieved as valued and valuable, so are highly-compensated employees, have choice when shopping for a school for their children. They can afford to eschew the awful government owned and operated schools in favor of private-sector-owned-and-operated schools, Lilywhich operate like businesses and have teachers who are hired and compensated as businesses do. Parents who have yet to so achieve, however, don’t have choice. They cannot afford to pay for both the “public schools” and a private school to which they send their children to actually be educated rather than indoctrinated and medicated.

Increasingly, then, “poor” is becoming multi-generational and permanent. In addition to progressivism’s making it difficult for both businesses and their employees to flourish, progressivism is making progressing as a human being, if starting from the bottom or anywhere near it, near-impossible.

If one has a skill-set allowing him to employ innovative technology, even to the point of singularity, he will succeed in business or as employee of one. If one’s skill-set is but to compete with, rather than to employ, such technology, pencil 2he will fail in the productivity contest, become unemployed and unemployable, and, thus, become both “poor” and dependent on welfare, and slave of the government.   America’s “education system” is guaranteeing this unacceptable – to me at least – outcome.

A full life – a fulfilling one – is never result of just having enough food, enough shelter, enough stuff. A happy life comes from working and achieving, from being productive, which means necessarily providing benefit to others. None of us can give that to others, but can we not remove the barriers preventing their doing what it takes while explaining to today’s “poor” what we’re doing and why.


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my unalienable right to discriminate



Each and every human being on Planet Earth has today and always has had an unalienable right from the Creator or Nature’s God to either be a racist or discriminate or both. The unalienable right to liberty (the right to do whatever the heck you want . . . just as long as not infringing on another’s like right in the process) is why.

I discriminated against every man on Planet Earth when dating and mating. I discriminate regularly against drunks, the morbidly-obese, and people who don’t bathe regularly when inviting guests to our home. I discriminate against guys who cannot stay off the cellphones when playing golf, and against persons with tats and piercings when hiring. My choice. Period.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination Act of 1967, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 notwithstanding – since each is a violation of unalienable rights and, thus, unconstitutional, regardless of what the Supremes believe – can, but MAY NOT make it anyone’s right to enter my home, enter my business, be employed by me, have me bake a cake for their wedding, be paid in my employ a penny more than I freely choose.

Just so far in 2014 there have been more than three-thousand suits filed against small businesses like, say, a hotdog stand in federal courts charging failure to accommodate the disabled. If I want to open a hotdog stand on the fifth floor of a building where customers have to rope-climb to get served, that is my unalienable right. I might have so few customers that I go belly-up, but that was my choice and is my problem.

No one – not a sole soul – has any right to what others own or produce, none. Not water, not groceries, not shelter, not transportation, not a job, not a “living wage”, certainly not “healthcare”. Each of us has a right to PURSUE happiness, but not to have it delivered.


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the ebola virus and government



What are the lawful roles of local, state, and our U.S. Government vis-à-vis the ebola virus and those infected with it?

To deal with the question we must first understand that the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and its CDC (Center for Disease Control) created by Congress are unlawful. There is no enumerated power in the Constitution for Congress to have created them. Further, we must also understand that each human being comes to Planet Earth sovereign, so subject to no other without explicit permission, and endowed with the unalienable right to liberty, so to do whatever the heck he or she wants . . . just as long as not infringing on others’ like rights in the process.

Any proscription of individual liberty by government at any level (Reference the 10th and 14th amendments) must first pass the constitutional “necessary AND proper” (my emphasis added) test. The law prohibiting anyone from “yelling fire in a crowded theater” – not saying or whispering, not yelling “smoke”, not yelling in a stadium or park – is example.

And at is founding the U.S. Government was specifically and explicitly charged with collectively protecting and defending the life, liberty and property of Americans against enemies foreign and domestic by We the People, each already possessing the individual right to self-defense of our rights.

The Constitution offers two avenues of binding power: acts of Congress and acts of the courts.  Administrative law – as in from the executive branch – is unlawful.  It is so because the executive branch isn’t authorized by the Constitution to make laws.  Only congress has authority to do that, and then only pursuant to what’s necessary execute the 18 enumerated powers of Article 1 Section 8.  Defense and General Welfare are statement of purpose, not enumerated powers.

Health is nowhere in the 18 enumerated powers.  Human services ditto.  Disease control ditto.  Health & Human Services (the Department) along with the CDC, et al, are subsidiarity undone.  Individual sovereignty undone.  It is return to the power of kings and dictators.  It is the antithesis of America and what made it great.  It is lust by nonangels in government for power.



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America’s demise


Since at least 1492 self-interested and self-motivated people and entrepreneurs have sailed the ocean blue to America, the land of liberty, the shining city on a hill, home of the American Dream . . . until now. We’ve never read about Americans risking death rowing to Cuba, but even with the recent influx of illegal across our border with Mexico, there has for more than a year now been more traffic crossing that border southbound than northbound.

The U.S. Government is at war with individuals who are renouncing their U.S. citizenship to live, work, and be taxed elsewhere. That Government is also at war with corporations using the remaining legal tool of “inversion” to relocate and repatriate elsewhere so that they can better compete in what is a global marketplace. Nowhere on Planet Earth are corporations more negatively-impacted cost-wise by taxation and regulation.

While news media are filled with the story of illegals coming in, the bigger story is the Government’s executive branch regulatory bureaucrats changing rules to keep those attempting to flee in. I’m reminded of Ronald Reagan’s point that he didn’t leave the Democrat Party; it left him. These fleeing individuals and corporations believe that they’re not leaving America, but rather that America left them.

U.S. laws and regulations are so onerous today that any individual and any business is vulnerable to prosecution at least three times daily, this while the Government’s eyes and ears know minute-by-minute what and where and with whom you do anything or say anything. The most-regulated industry in America is banking and financial services. Two iterations of Dodd-Frank make it illegal for firms to first, fail to keep absolute privacy for its clients, and second, to fail to fully-disclose to regulators any and all information regarding its clients. In addition to prison time, the federal fine for each failure – so each client – in both cases is, I think, $65,000. In other words, federal regulators can and may bankrupt any bank at any minute of any day of any week of any month of any year . . . and every banker knows that.

Unless you own and drive a really-old car, the Government can remotely take control of your car’s electronics and slam it into the big tree of its choice or off the bridge or cliff of its choosing. I guess that’s its answer if and when the jails, prisons, and FEMA camps all get filled. We’ve all read about and heard about the IRS targeting individuals and groups opposing this Government’s total annihilation of liberty, and the same by Eric Holder and Justice, and by the EPA and other alphabet agencies. Even congressmen and senators must be wary. No legislator has come out publicly in opposition to the new “inversion” rules.

What was brilliant and special about America – land of the free and home of the brave – what made for American exceptionalism, was that for the first time in human history a nation was established upside-down, with subsidiarity, with individual sovereignty supreme, with individual rights inherent, with government strictly-limited and with little controlled at the national level and all else left to the states, locales, and to the People. What took but a mere 225 years was the total reversal of subsidiarity. Now the U.S. Government tightly controls all aspects of states along with the People, and even local police are outfitted with military weaponry not to protect people from, say, ISIS, but to protect the Government from the “real terrorists”, We the People.

If you think it’s time for a second revolution, I caution you to consider how different this Government today is vis-à-vis its power and force versus the British Crown of the 18th century. This Government can and probably would step on We the People like a bug. Tango uniform (toes up), DRT (dead right there), having assumed room temperature is today’s America. Learn Mandarin, study Eastern culture.


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Is climate change as dangerous as ISIS?



Is global climate changing? Yes. Has been for millennia. Are humans and their activities – in particular, burning of fossil fuels – impacting global climate? Yes.

Can scientists accurately and precisely measure said changing? No, not even close. Using their models – models based on assumptions regarding reality – can scientists accurately and precisely predict long-range changes to our climate? Heck no. Can your meteorologists give you confidence about next weekend? That’s the stuff of classic humor.

Among scientists who buy into the so-called “concensus” vis-à-vis global warming – overlooking that measurement stations were intentionally placed contrary to the rules by NOAA, that to inflate temperature readings, overlooking that monthly data were intentionally and with malice-aforethought misrecorded, overlooking that model projections were recorded rather than actual readings submitted – they say that global average temperatures over the last century increased by 1.4 degrees Farenheit. Meanwhile, the UN’s compilation of the models employed over that time show variations three times as large as the 1.4 degrees to include both larger increases than the 1.4, and minus or cooling numbers as well.

Further in at least four decades of the last century climate cooled though CO2 gas emissions rose or vice versa. Let’s say, folks, using my cocktail hour mental model, that over the next century human activity results in a 1.4 degree Farenheit increase while the other 99% of influencers result in a 3.2 degree cooling, so a net cooling of 1.8 degrees Farenheit. And let’s say that human life on Planet Earth continues apace. Should climate scientists then be more or less worried?  What is ideal average global temperature?

Should the successor to the successor etc., etc. of Secretary of State John Kerry spew even sillier nonsense? Should marchers in cities around the globe carrying banners and yelling nonsequitur while spilling garbage by the tons precede another UN initiative?

Dr. Steven Koonin says, “Any serious discussion of the changing climate must begin by acknowledging not only the scientific certainties but also the uncertainties, especially in projecting the future. Recognizing those limits, rather than ignoring them, will lead to a more sober and ultimately more productive discussion of climate change and climate policies. To do otherwise is a great disservice to climate science itself.” (Dr. Koonin was undersecretary for science in the Energy Department during President Barack Obama’s first term and is currently director of the Center for Urban Science and Progress at New York University.)

thedrpete says that “global warming”, “impending ice age”, “climate change”, and “climate uncertainty” are all progressive hoaxes perpetrated to stop what they consider the theft of capitalism. The United Nations champions “climate change” for the same reason as anything else it does, to get American money to fund UN projects around the world. It’s always been immense fun to spend money . . . other people’s money.

The marchers are a combination of dupes and people paid to march, all bussed in at others’ expense. The members of Green Peace, Sierra Club and their ilk are true believers in a world which never experienced the Industrial Revolution.

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