Barking up the wrong tree while spitting into the wind



I think it sad that so much discussion in public discourse is about who controls the seat of government power rather than what and how much power said government wields.  It is starkly-clear to many with whom I speak and interact that the leftist-progressive/liberal-Alinskyite-Cloward-&-Piven-implode-capitalism-and-America folks in congress and particularly the White House and executive branch are too powerful, and must be stopped.  And I agree.

What even the folks with whom I regularly interact seek, however, is replacing those now there with all that government power and force with better people, you know, people who think as do we.  In my almost-always-humble opinion, what We the People must do is to wrest almost all of that power from the governments one way or the other and take charge of our unalienable rights to life, to liberty, and to property.

There is no acceptable future and life until that is done.  James Madison states it well in Federalist 51: “But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.”

F.A. Hayak said in his essay “Why I am not a conservative”, “[T] he conservative does not object to coercion or arbitrary power so long as it is used for what he regards as the right purposes. He believes that if government is in the hands of decent men, it ought not to be too much restricted by rigid rules. Since he is essentially opportunist and lacks principles , his main hope must be that the wise and the good will rule— not merely by example, as we all must wish, but by authority given to them and enforced by them. Like the socialist, he is less concerned with the problem of how the powers of government should be limited than with that of who wields them; and, like the socialist, he regards himself as entitled to force the value he holds on other people.”

We — people who say we need to replace the progressives/liberals in government with conservatives — want to kill the EPA and the Departments of Education, Health & Human Services, and Housing & Urban Development, but don’t want a finger to be laid upon all of the Agriculture crony fascism and the industrial-military complex of which President Eisenhower warned.


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America the beautiful dumb



America has faced three life-or-death crises:  The Revolution, slavery and the “Civil War”, and progressivism/liberalism.  We emerged victorious from the first two.  I think we’ll lose the third.

In 1913 with our first progressive prexy (Woodrow Wilson), a Democrat-controlled House and a Democrat-controlled Senate we amended Constitution to obliterate the concept of subsidiarity by no longer having states choose their two representatives to the upper chamber of the U.S. Congress, the Senate.  This dumbed-down the Senate, thus benefiting Democrats.

1960s instituted The Great Society including its War on Poverty which bought gobs of votes for Democrats from people who now vote for a living rather than work for a living.

1980s-present encouraged the immigration of uneducated-unskilled Latinos and Hispanics while discouraging, indeed banning, immigration by hard-working self-sufficient educated-skilled Asian scientists and engineers, thus benefiting Democrats.

2014 the New York State Assembly and Senate voted for the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which would select New York’s 29 electors to the Electoral College based on the national popular vote.  If signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, that would make 160 of the 270 necessary to implement the change.  Today the biggest impediment to voter fraud in presidential elections is that serious monitoring need only be done in battleground states where outcomes might be close.  NPV would explode the opportunities for voter fraud, thus benefiting Democrats.

Also 2014 — note that the pace has quickened to warp-speed — Attorney General Eric Holder in another move to have the “federal” government plunder subsidiarity with a top-down move is seeking to overrule states’ disallowing convicted felons from voting in federal elections.  Why, you ask?  Researchers have discovered that three-fourths of America’s convicted murderers, rapists and thieves are Democrats.

The latest progressive/liberal gambit moving toward the 2014 midterm elections is pot.  Among young voters who skew Democrat they are much more likely to go to the polls if either legalizing medical or recreational  marijuana or both is on the ballot.  Democrats are moving to do just that in many states.  In addition to getting more Democrats elected, they salivate at the thought of more tax revenues so bigger government.

In a mere 225 years America has gone from a fiercely-independent people to one where a substantial majority want a big national government in control.  When asked whether they’d rather make their own decisions about investing in their retirement or have the U.S. Government do that for them, a substantial majority of Americans chose the latter.  We the People have plummeted from “Give me liberty or give me death” to, if McDonald’s runs out of fries, We call 9-1-1.


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American stupidity



Stakeholders keep challenging the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare”, based on such as whether the U.S. Government may (as opposed to can) mandate that individuals purchase something against their will, or now, whether businesses or even nonprofits may (again as opposed to can) be forced to purchase what violates their religious faith.  All of this is but chipping away at the edges.

The Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional for the same reason that Medicare and Medicaid and SCHIP and more are unconstitutional.  The U.S. Congress has never ever had authority to involve itself in medical or pharmaceutical care or in commercial risk management via insurance in any way, shape, or form, save via a reach vis-a-vis members of the Armed Forces or other federal government employees and students at the service academies.

The enumerated powers of the U.S. Congress are enumerated in Article 1 Section 8 and there are eighteen of them.  Yes, per said Article and Section, the U.S. Congress may lay taxes, but there are limits on what said may (once again as opposed to can) be used for.  Just for the eighteen.  Yes the Article and Section identifies as purposes both the “common Defence” and “general Welfare of the United States”, but those are purposes, not enumerated powers.

May the U.S. Congress create a Department of Agriculture?  No.  See the enumerated powers.  May it create a Department of Commerce?  Yes, but not with the scope and mandate of the one it did.  Education?  No.  Energy?  No.  Health & Human Services?  No.  Housing & Urban Development?  No.  Homeland Security (including its FEMA)?  No.  Etc.  The EPA?  No.  The FDA?  No.

Can the U.S. Congress create all of the above?  Obviously!  Why?  Because We the People have and continue to allow it.  We are dumb, blind, ignorant, stupid, and/or benefit from all of that plunder of individuals’ liberty and property.

While each human being comes to Planet Earth sovereign (so subject to no other without explicit permission), and endowed with the unalienable rights from the Creator or Nature’s God to life, to liberty (the right to do whatever the heck you want . . . just as long as not infringing on others’ like rights in the process), and to property (first, self, then ideas and inventions, then what acquired from others by purchase or trade; all from whence comes the pursuit of happiness); while all of that, no human being on Planet Earth has any right to what others produce, what is others’ property.  No groceries.  No shelter.  No internet access.  No job.  No “living wage”.  No so-called “healthcare”.  No paid-for contraceptives, Justices Kagan, Sotomayer, and Ginsburg.  None.  Zip.

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Is there an actual producer who approves of Obama?



Given 5+ years of the Obama Administration,obama6 a now record 47% of Americans and just over 50% of American households receive “entitlement” welfare from the U.S. Government, yet current polls give President Obama an approval rating of just 38%. Some 92% of American blacks voted for Barack Obama and 98% of obama4American black women.

Does that mean that even bribery isn’t working? Does that suggest that among those Americans who actually work and pay taxes that the President’s approval rating is in single digits approachingobama-whisper2 ZERO?


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fighting for freedom and against tyranny



As of this writing – 8:21 a.m. Tuesday March 4, 2014 – there exist 174,545 total pages in the Code of Federal Regulations.  6,669 regulatory changes or notices were posted on over the last three month period – an average of 74 per day.  Today – March 4, 2014 — there are 3,503 federal regulations in the pipeline.

More than half of American small-business owners today say that with the current regulatory environment they would not start a business.  More than half also say that countries like China and India are more-small-business-friendly and supportive than is the United States.  283,615 full-time government employees are dedicated to drafting and enforcing federal regulations.  A recent study estimates annual regulatory compliance costs at $1.8 trillion — exceeding half of all total federal expenditures, as well as Canada’s or Mexico’s GDP.

Article 1 Section 8 of the United States Constitution Constitutionasserts that for government to place any a priori proscription on individual liberty said limitation must first pass the “necessary and proper” test.  A great example is the prohibition on “yelling fire in a crowded theater”.  Not in an uncrowded theater, not in an outdoor stadium, not saying or whispering, not “smoke” rather than “fire”.  I estimate that 174,543 regulatory pages today cannot pass the test and, thus, should and must be repealed.

The executive branch of the U.S. Government is to execute and enforce laws passed by Congress and signed by the president, not to employ 283,615 people to write regulations which replace and substitute for laws passed by the congress elected by We the People.

Here is just one of tens-of-thousands of regulations which have hurt America, its businesses, its consumers, its freedom and liberty.  Seatbelts.  Volvo back in the day was known as “boxey” and positioned in consumer minds as the “safe vehicle”.  Men bought it to do their duty to protect their families.  Innovating to strengthen its brand, Volvo engineers invented and designed the automobile seatbelt.

Regulators at the U.S. Department of Transportation Highway Safety Division leapt to attention, studied them, developed detailed specs to the point of minutia, then mandated that every motor vehicle thereinafter built using public highways and byways in America include them.  On that day all innovation engineering activity vis-à-vis individual auto restraints ceased.  lyndon johnsonWhy cripple innovation and creativity?  Power and control.

If We the People get congress to eliminate, say, 283,614 regulators and repeal 174,543 regulatory pages, will that fix America?  Necessary but grossly-insufficient.  Congress itself has proved itself perfectly capable and willing to plunder freedom and liberty in pursuit of power and control.

It was congress, inspired by President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who passed “Great Society” including its War on Poverty. war on poverty From the end of World War II to 1964 the rate of poverty in America was cut in half.  Fully 94% of that reduction was explainable by increases in per capita income.  Expansion of the economy.  Relative freedom.  A rising tide, indeed, floated all boats.  Absent the War on Poverty, the poverty rate projection for 2011 was 1.4%, down from 15% in 1964.poverty-goodman  It bottomed in 1999 at about 11% and as of 2011 was back at 15%.  The cost to American taxpayers to achieve nothing-nil-nada-zero-zip-zilch was a mere $15,000,000,000,000 (that’s trillion).


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the stacked deck



Progressives/liberals/Democrats love – no, live — to control the lives of others and orchestrate a society.  Mainstream Republicans love to control the lives of others and orchestrate a society, albeit a slightly-different one.  The former control and orchestrate groceries, shelter, jobs and wages, healthcare, and so-called “welfare” programs to promote so-called “equality”, while the latter control and orchestrate national defense and agriculture; both destroying everything they touch.  Power is addictive, government is a magnet for nonangels, and spending money – other people’s money in particular – is just gobs of fun.

Each group is like a symphony orchestra, playing the music on the score in front of it.  Each group has a composer or composers, a conductor, and assistants – the concertmaster (first chair violinist) and first chairs aka “principals” in other sections — who keep those who stray back in line, in step, on the page.

On the Progressive/liberal/Democrat side, clearly President Barack Obama is the composer and conductor (The President of the Senate, Joe Biden, just stands in the wings, stage right, and says stupid things.) while Harry Reid is concertmaster and Nancy Pelosi and Dick Durbin are first chairs.  On the GOP Mainstream side it would seem that John Boehner is conductor with Mitch McConnell concertmaster, with Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy among the first chairs.  It might work to consider the House as the full orchestra with the Senate as the chamber orchestra.

While Democrats are pretty-homogeneous philosophically, Republicans are starkly-heterogeneous, with the Mainstream believing in substantial government from the top-down, and liberty-loving constitutionalists, subsidiaritists, and Tea Partiers believing in small-as-possible government, low taxes, low intrusion.  When We the People are exposed to messaging from Democrats or, for that matter, the GOP Mainstream, it comes both visually and aurally, a composed, choreographed, practiced, scored symphonic concert performance . . . in uniform (tuxes).  When We the People are exposed to messaging from non-Mainstream Republicans, it comes both visually and aurally, an unscripted, unrehearsed, New Age jazz improvisation, small stage, from a trio or quartet, no uniforms.  No one in either the audience or on stage knows a moment in advance what will be played or heard.  And the improv means that from night to night it will never be precisely the same.

When in early 2008 I attended my first rally ever, a Tea Party rally, I found thousands of others there for whom it was their first also.  For Progressives/liberals/Democrats, and for GOP Maintreamers as well, life is a series of rallies with scored music – aka “talking points” — playing.  For true conservatives, for liberty-lovers, for Tea Partiers life is personal, forever being invented, improv.

Active learning beats passive learning, and it’s hard to hum along with improv.  Then again, I can’t remember a ride home from a symphony concert when either my wife or I didn’t start the humming — which soon became duet — of the melody of the, say, concerto we’d just left.


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Government, the magnet for non-angels



Mainstream Democrats want the U.S. Government to be bigger, more-intrusive, more-controlling, and more-expensive in order to pursue the progressive-liberal agenda of transferring wealth from those who produce to those who don’t. They seek equality of outcomes for all the little people, defined as those who are not progressives/liberals, i.e., the highly-educated experts who govern what everyone else is, does, and chooses.  These folks will be above-equal.

Mainstream Republicans want the U.S. Government to be bigger and more-expensive, albeit not necessarily more-controlling and more-intrusive in support of the military-industrial complex about which Dwight Eisenhower warned, and big agriculture.  Given that Mainstream Democrats eschew bullets in favor of butter, it seems that all arguments and negotiations between the two are about subsidizing the so-called “poor” with welfare programs versus crony-fascist-one-hand-washes-the-other-quid-pro-quo relationships with corporate war makers and corporate growers.

The mainstreams of both parties are by their actions anti-individual-sovereignty and anti-liberty.  Both mainstreams also are addicted to both personal power and spending money, other people’s money.  In addition, Mainstream Democrats are also anti-property-rights.

On both sides members who toe the Party line are rewarded by leadership with bigger staffs, K-Street-lobbyist campaign fundraisers.  If they’re been “loyal” and “good”, even if they lose an election, they’ll find a safety net in place as an “adviser” or “consultant” or lobbyist or judge.

Recently, something encouraging to a liberty-loving-non-statist like me happened.  The Republican Study Committee – a conservative faction within the GOP – changed leaders, and he dumped long-time executive director, Paul Teller.  Teller had been found to be having discussions with both Tea Party Patriots and Heritage Action.  To mainstreamers as well as their media that’s heretical.  That’s SOP.  What was encouraging is that Teller found a safety net.  He was hired as deputy chief of staff by Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

My encouragement was almost-immediately snuffed, however, when Cruz decided to stay hands-off in all 2014 GOP primaries, so not helping other non-mainstreamers against mainstream incumbents.  In my almost-always-humble opinion, gutless and sell-out.  Cruz filibustered allegedly to get mainstream legislators to listen to the American people, then went and put on earphones which cancel out the American people and hear only the GOP Establishment.

If all people were angels, there’d be no need for government.  If all people in and of government were angels, there’d be no need for strict limits on government.  Sadly, government is a magnet for non-angels.  Further, what has transpired as those in the U.S. Government have trashed constitutional limits is that the #1 lobbyist of the U.S. Government is the U.S. Government.  The Civil Service System and government-employee unions dominate.  The #1 enemy of the USAF is the U.S. Army.  The #1 enemy of Infantry is Armor.  The biggest military battles of each year are fought in the House Ways & Means Committee.  Legislative “earmarks” are legislator lobbying, and one hand washes the other, all at the expense of We the People.

Greed, when exercising liberty, is aka “enlightened-self-interest,” and is both good and moral.  Greed, when exercising license – i.e., infringing on the natural rights of others – is bad and immoral.  Tea Party Patriots and Heritage Action, et al, advocate and champion the former.  Lobbyists, whether inside or outside of government, advocate, champion, and do the latter.

The U.S. Supreme Court was correct when in a majority ruling it asserted that the federal government has authority to tax.  It was wrong – horribly wrong – when it failed to enumerate the constitutional purposes for which said tax could be used.  Taxing some Americans to redistribute all or even any of the funds raised to other Americans or even non-Americans for that matter is per Article 1 Section 8 clearly unconstitutional in addition to being immoral.  It would be so even if it could be demonstrably shown that the recipients of the largesse or even society as a whole benefited.  Robbery is robbery, regardless of the thief, and regardless of the purpose of the theft.  Even atop that, however, it can and has been demonstrably shown that both the recipients and society are harmed by the process.

Greed, when exercising liberty, is fairly and freely competing in free markets.  Greed, when exercising license, is colluding to avoid competing, and only the presence of government can make that work.  The Wagner Act of 1935 must be repealed, thus restoring both liberty and the Sherman Act of 1890 to the relationship between employers and employees.  More than 80% of what the U.S. Government is, does, and spends must be dismantled in order to restore universal unalienable individual natural rights, the rule of law versus the rule of thugs and plunderers.  Then, and only then, can truth and morality have a chance to thrive.


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