the essence of life



Please watch and listen to the video, just under 8 minutes in length. Please note the mindset of Richie Parker’s parents as to how to raise their newborn without arms and hands.

Okay, please watch and listen to the video.

Was Richie helped by the Americans with Disabilities Act? Did Richie get a helping hand from Affirmative Action because he happens to be black? Have others accommodated Richie or has Richie accommodated Richie?

There are more Americans today receiving federal food assistance than there are Americans working full-time. Tens of millions of Americans today receive federal housing subsidies. The number of Americans collecting Social Security Disability benefits has more than doubled in the last five years. Shouldn’t Richie be cashing in on those?

obama-whisper2Can you, like I, hear President Barack Obama telling Richie Parker, when speaking of his bike or his car or the tools with which he eats or his workstation at Hendrick Motorsports, “You didn’t build that”? Can you imagine Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson celebrating this video? Neither can I.

In my almost-always-humble opinion, America’s victims aren’t blacks or women or gays or persons with disabilities or illnesses. America’s victims by the millions are young people suffering the burden and tragedy of low expectations by others. Overcoming and achieving is the essence of human life.

While tens and tens of millions of Americans ride in society’s wagon, being fed and clothed and housed and entertained and medicated and treated by others, Richie Parker with no arms and no hands is pulling that wagon. Something is wrong — very wrong — with that picture.

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14 responses to “the essence of life

  1. Dan

    You know Doc, people talk about athletes being role models, politicians being role models or teachers being role models. Richie is a bona fide role model.

  2. The compare and contrast is so astounding, DrPete! Dan is spot-on. He IS a bona fide role model. Thanx beyond words for posting this !!

  3. clyde

    Excellent piece, Dr.Pete. The politics of America may be down the tubes, BUT her spirit is alive and kicking.

    • Great to hear from you here, clyde. America’s two greatest enemies, in my almost-always-humble opinion, are America’s government and America’s people.

      Amid that there are some Richie Parkers with the spirit which once lighted the shining city on a hill. If only the Richie Parkers were the norm and not the rare outlier.

  4. CW

    Fantastic post, Drpete! Richie is a truly inspiring man and your commentary is spot on.

  5. gunnyginalaska

    Very inspiring. Thanks.

  6. Yeah but could he ever become the first unarmed black president given that he’s obviously not disadvantaged?

  7. …and I think drpete, that too much of the nation will be focused on the color of his skin in addition to his lack of arms and hands, which in their minds will require that someone do something!

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