Happy Thanksgiving



I am thankful this week that we are traveling to be with family for Thanksgiving, hosted by our son and daughter-in-law.  I am blessed by the family I have and also by the family who’ve passed.

I am thankful this week for Plymouth Colony in Virginia Governor Bradford who, having sailed on the Mayflower, settled and began a commune, inspired by his understanding of Biblical principles.  After more than half of the commune died during the first winter of socialist/communist community wherein all families shared equally in the harvest, regardless of their contribution to the output, and after another half of the remaining perished during the second, the Governor reset the rules of engagement.  He invented capitalism, though it was already a theoretical ideology elsewhere.

Bradford assigned each family a plot of land with the promise that each would own the harvest from said.  The past wagon-pullers produced more as did the former wagon-riders.  All looked to enter the third winter amply and adequately stocked.  Thus, they traded with the Indians, furs and skins for grains and animals.  Based on the increased prosperity for both settlers and Indians, they, going into winter, joined in celebration.  It was the first American Thanksgiving.  By their second Thanksgiving they were jointly trading with the British.

There was charity in the Virginia Colony as it grew, but no socialism/communism.  That, I must believe, influenced what happened over the next few centuries, such that the Founders created such a grand recognition of unalienable rights, individual sovereignty, and a severely-restricted government.  America, the shining city on a hill, was born, and I got to be born into what was left of it almost three-quarters of a century ago, which is much much more than remains today.

I this week will not mourn the implosion of the greatest nation in the history of Planet Earth.  I will not mourn the global devastation to come from said implosion.  I will not mourn the burden placed on those who follow.  I will just celebrate he blessings of my family.

May you have a Happy Thanksgiving as well.

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6 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Nicely stated. I wish you the same and safe travels.

  2. Professor VJ Duke

    Thanks for sharing. THe professor sends his well wished for a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too!

  3. Dan

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Doc. Time to focus on family and friends. Everything else can wait.

  4. I wish a Thanksgiving as understood and implemented by President George Washington for you, Doc, and for us all.

  5. CW

    Wonderful post, Drpete. Happy Thanksgiving and have a safe trip!

  6. Safely ensconced on the North Fork at the very tip of Long Island NY. Counting my blessings, and find that my fingers and toes are inadequate to the task.

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