Gimmee the flim flam man. Dump the EPA and FDA.



The flim-flam man, the snake-oil salesman, the shyster, the fly-by-night, the shylock, the bait-and switch, along with the unconscious competent and the conscious incompetent and the unscrupulous merchant are far-less-dangerous to Americans than the bureaucratic regulators at the EPA, FDA and the hundreds of other U.S. Government acronym agencies are.  My assertion may at first seem counter-intuitive, but it is nonetheless true.

Back in the 19th century as America dispersed its people westward, the new nation’s government was the most-strictly-limited and constrained of any in the history of humankind.  And that was intentional.

The predicate for that was the proclamation that each human being comes to Planet Earth sovereign (so subject to no other without explicit permission, with the single exception of children temporarily with respect to their parents), and endowed with the unalienable rights to life, to liberty (the right to choose and do whatever the heck one wants . . . just as long as not infringing on others’ like rights in the process), and to property (first self, then ideas, talents and skills, etc., then what acquired through trade, and from whence comes the pursuit of happiness).  Further, each human being comes endowed with the unalienable right to self-defense of that sovereignty and those rights.

By design the sole role of America’s national government was the collective defense of what each American had right to defend individually, no more and no less.  And that collective defense could very rarely be a priori, and then only when the circumstance passed the strict “necessary and proper” test.  Think, as example, yelling (not saying, not whispering) fire (not smoke, not water) in (not near) a crowded (not empty, not half-full) theater (not outdoor arena, not stadium, not park).

Human nature – both its good parts and bad – haven’t changed in America’s 237 years.  There were back then and remain today benevolent butchers and philanthropist physicians along with the shysters and snake-oil salesmen.  But American consumers used to be taught as children by parents and teachers the concept of caveat emptor (Let the buyer beware) and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  It was generally understood that victimhood was self-inflicted.

Back in the Wild Wild West anyone could tout himself a doctor or teacher or blacksmith or carpenter just as anyone could choose to be a patient or student and etc.  Whether a relationship between seller and buyer were consummated was a matter of image, salesmanship, reputation, word-of-mouth advertising, testing, and skepticism.  There was no government licensing or regulation.

Given the unalienable right to liberty anyone may choose to be a seller and anyone may choose to be a buyer.  And government sole legitimate role other than in the extraordinarily-rare “yell fire” scenario is to ex post facto adjudicate as asked damages by those who infringe on others’ unalienable human rights.

Consumer safety – and there is no such thing – is the job of consumers and the marketplace, not government.  The more that consumers are informed the more that they can improve their safety.  In the 19th century  and our Wild West there were no smart phones, no Google, no Angie’s Lists, no Consumer Reports, no radio, no tv, much less cable and satellite, no Better Business Bureaus, no UL Listeds.

That individual American consumers today have infinitely more, better, and quicker ways to inform themselves than in centuries past while the U.S. Government has unconstitutionally and unconscionably imposed its will on consumers’ choosing and behavior choices is absolutely unjustifiable.  Government has and is replacing individual sovereignty with government sovereignty, has and is replacing a temporary postponement of sovereignty for children while being raised by their parents with permanent childhood status for all Americans.

Power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts . . . absolutely.  If all people were angels, there’d be no need for government.  If all people in government were angels, there’d be no need for strict limits on government.  It is obvious to even the most-casual observer that government is a magnet for non-angels.

Never mind the snake-oil salesmen, folks.  Throw out the hooligans at the EPA, FDA, and the rest of the acronym agencies.  Our progressives/liberals/ socialists/fascists/commies are the hooligans.  Our gimmees and moochers who ride in the societal wagon we’re pulling just want stuff and to be children, so don’t look for their help.

How ‘bout some people here pull on your big-boy pants and grow a pair.  First to go?  Obamacare.

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9 responses to “Gimmee the flim flam man. Dump the EPA and FDA.

  1. On the subject of human sovereignty, dignity and modern-America, Doc, about 15 years ago I was enjoying the Friday-eve before the 4th of July on my land in my community. Many of our neighbors had, as did we, gleefully ignited fireworks — Roman Candles, fountains and other assorted small pyrotechnics — including some declared “illegal” by our nanny-state. It was around ten o’clock p.m.

    Several hours earlier in the woods, on our property, we had a small bonfire at our fire pit though it had been extinguished for at least two hours. We live about a half mile south of a retirement apartment complex. At about ten fifteen we noticed fire-trucks and police cruisers going up and down adjacent streets, spot-beams a blazing. Eventually a police cruiser came down our street and noticed we were, with other neighbors, out in the yard enjoying the night on lawn chairs.

    The cruiser pulled into our driveway. Now to set the scene, it was an uncharacteristically cool summer night and especially from the fireworks there was a lot of smoke in the air. There was a slight breeze from south to north so that smoke traveled north from our neighborhood towards the retirement apartments. Two officers approached. I was asked if I had recently had a recreational fire. I said yes, several hours ago and it was extinguished, but we had very recently been burning roman candles and other pyrotechnics as had all the other neighbors. The police officers said they were looking for a possible house fire as they’d received complaints of thick smoke from the retirement apartments.

    Now it was a Friday night, I had consumed 3 or 4 ales and was in my comfort zone. One of the officers said, “by the way do you have a permit for the fire you said you had?” I replied that I didn’t know I needed a permit to have a small fire on my own land. All through this encounter, one officer was in constant contact with dispatch. Within seconds of the last question asked of me, two more squad cars had pulled into my drive and several officers were searching my property, looking in house windows and systematically walking through the woods.

    I demanded that all officers leave my property immediately as they had no warrant to search. I was told that by my own admission, I had started an illegal fire on my property. I began getting very f-ing pissed and was yelling at the officers to get off my land. The lead officer, the one that had spoken most to me, said they weren’t going to cite me — he added that there’s no reason not to obtain a permit because they are free — they just wanted to be sure the fire had been properly extinguished. I screamed, peppered with some profanity, “then what the F are you doing looking in the windows of my house?” I reiterated my demand that they get the F off my property.

    In the mean-time, a hook and ladder fire-truck pulled up on the street facing our house. The big spot-lights illuminating every crack, crevice and orifice of every body in its beam. Another officer asked me what my problem was, and then said they could arrest me if that would suit me better. I said, listen, a man has a sovereign right on his own land, he is King of his own castle and it cannot be violated unless a judge has signed a warrant to investigate a crime, and in my book having a fire in a controlled area is not a crime in the spirit of any law.

    My neighbor came to the rescue and asked a very astute question. He asked, what does a burning permit accomplish? The officer said, well if there is a fire in the neighborhood we would know where it was. My neighbor followed up, and asked “how”? Thousands of these so-called permits are issued every spring. The officer had no answer. The fire-chief finally got into the act, he admitted a burning permit was just a political thing and had no relevance as to where a fire was or who was having one on a given complaint.

    In the background I heard my oldest daughter, she was seven, saying “mommy, is daddy going to jail”? My wife said “I don’t know honey”. The fire-chief said to my neighbor, “I wish we’d have gotten here first, the police always screw this kind of thing up”. I didn’t go to jail, the fire chief told the police everything was fine, then he told me I had the perfect fire-pit, well groomed as as safe as he’d seen. As he was leaving, he said that I do need, however, to have a hose, pressurized and long enough to reach the pit in case fire escapes the pit.

    I realized at that moment that the police and fire departments are not there to protect or serve us, they are there to control us same as the EPA, same as the FDA , same as the DOE, same as the NSA, same as the FBI, same as the CIA, same as the the US Congress, same as the the DHS same as the president of the united States, same as the Supreme Ct of the US. It is long past time for peaceful revolution if we’re serious about regaining our liberty, and the free exercise of our unalienable rights.

  2. Well done, DrP.

    I was thinking about this topic just the other day, coincidentally. Creeping government paternalism is insidious and boundless, and works like boiling a frog. If it’s not stopped, it can only end in total loss of freedom… all “for our own good”, of course.

    For example, tens of thousands of people lose their lives every year in traffic accidents. I can envision regulations that mandate that vehicles be equipped with engines no more powerful than 10 horsepower, and with speed governors that limit its speed to 15 MPH. All to “save lives”, of course.

    Why not? It’s a noble and admirable cause… right?

    All of this is envisioned in Franklin’s dictum about trading liberty for security.

    • Interestingly, I thing BrianR, would be having no speed limits at all. No traffic lights or stop signs. The only driving infraction would be reckless driving.

      The is new technology where vehicles drive themselves, spacing from others, sending each other signals about turning, slowing, changing lanes, etc. Safety with them would be immeasurably improved, but alas, the technology cannot be employed because of all the traffic regulations.

  3. This came to mind after reading the post and comments (not sure why — haha):

    “You see these dictators on their pedestals, surrounded by the bayonets of their soldiers and the truncheons of their police … yet in their hearts there is unspoken fear. They are afraid of words and thoughts: words spoken abroad, thoughts stirring at home — all the more powerful because forbidden — terrify them. A little mouse of thought appears in the room, and even the mightiest potentates are thrown into panic.”
    ― Winston Churchill, Blood, Sweat and Tears

    Great read here, DrPete and the comments are great.

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