The word “bamboozle” means cheat somebody; to trick or deceive somebody through misleading statements or falsehoods.Obama-Oath_lightbox  As a way to simply characterize what has and is happening to us in America over the last handful of years, the commenter known here as Cream of Wheat offers that we have beenobama pinocchio


I think he nails it.

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5 responses to “bamboozle

  1. If Obozo really were Pinocchio, he’d need an 18-wheeler to haul his nose around.

  2. No doubt about it, DrPete … the Idaho Potato truck :-)

    And CofW is spot-on!

    Looks to me like the nose problem has also affected the Resident’s ears!

  3. CW


    Sounds like a winning bumper sticker to me!

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