the stacked deck



Progressives/liberals/Democrats love – no, live — to control the lives of others and orchestrate a society.  Mainstream Republicans love to control the lives of others and orchestrate a society, albeit a slightly-different one.  The former control and orchestrate groceries, shelter, jobs and wages, healthcare, and so-called “welfare” programs to promote so-called “equality”, while the latter control and orchestrate national defense and agriculture; both destroying everything they touch.  Power is addictive, government is a magnet for nonangels, and spending money – other people’s money in particular – is just gobs of fun.

Each group is like a symphony orchestra, playing the music on the score in front of it.  Each group has a composer or composers, a conductor, and assistants – the concertmaster (first chair violinist) and first chairs aka “principals” in other sections — who keep those who stray back in line, in step, on the page.

On the Progressive/liberal/Democrat side, clearly President Barack Obama is the composer and conductor (The President of the Senate, Joe Biden, just stands in the wings, stage right, and says stupid things.) while Harry Reid is concertmaster and Nancy Pelosi and Dick Durbin are first chairs.  On the GOP Mainstream side it would seem that John Boehner is conductor with Mitch McConnell concertmaster, with Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy among the first chairs.  It might work to consider the House as the full orchestra with the Senate as the chamber orchestra.

While Democrats are pretty-homogeneous philosophically, Republicans are starkly-heterogeneous, with the Mainstream believing in substantial government from the top-down, and liberty-loving constitutionalists, subsidiaritists, and Tea Partiers believing in small-as-possible government, low taxes, low intrusion.  When We the People are exposed to messaging from Democrats or, for that matter, the GOP Mainstream, it comes both visually and aurally, a composed, choreographed, practiced, scored symphonic concert performance . . . in uniform (tuxes).  When We the People are exposed to messaging from non-Mainstream Republicans, it comes both visually and aurally, an unscripted, unrehearsed, New Age jazz improvisation, small stage, from a trio or quartet, no uniforms.  No one in either the audience or on stage knows a moment in advance what will be played or heard.  And the improv means that from night to night it will never be precisely the same.

When in early 2008 I attended my first rally ever, a Tea Party rally, I found thousands of others there for whom it was their first also.  For Progressives/liberals/Democrats, and for GOP Maintreamers as well, life is a series of rallies with scored music – aka “talking points” — playing.  For true conservatives, for liberty-lovers, for Tea Partiers life is personal, forever being invented, improv.

Active learning beats passive learning, and it’s hard to hum along with improv.  Then again, I can’t remember a ride home from a symphony concert when either my wife or I didn’t start the humming — which soon became duet — of the melody of the, say, concerto we’d just left.

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17 responses to “the stacked deck

  1. The political titanic, eh DrPete?
    This is a great analysis and I am appreciative!

  2. What liberty-loving constitutionalists must propose is counterintuitive to most people and a 180 from kneejerk. When a problem is acknowledged, intuitive is that the powers that be should “do something”. Kneejerk says “There oughta be a law . . . ”

    My take is that we must UNDO, not do. My intuition is that the powers that be should do absolutely nothing, just let the market adjust and re-balance. My kneejerk is to repeal 80% of existing laws and 98% of existing regulations.

    My approach is a tough sell to a mass market.

  3. I can see the metaphor, Doc. As a lover of jazz, especially improvisational jazz of the 50’s, I can see where Tea Partiers are perfect examples – of having the common “melody” of smaller government, lower taxes, etc., but not operating in a structured environment, and thus the “music” while enjoyable and appealing, doesn’t necessarily leave a lasting melody that enables the listeners to “hum” along with. You and your wife enjoyed the performance, but you can’t do a duet afterwards.

    The unfortunate thing for our country’s governance is that the left always “performs” in unison and the repetitive nature of their structured propaganda (performance) yields the benefit that it is performed (for the most part) the same over and over – thereby yielding a more concentrated penetration into the listener’s unconscious.

    It seems that we need a common reprise inserted into our otherwise improvised performances – just enough to leave a lasting impression. We need to reprise the basic concept over and over to hammer it home.

    • Thanks so much, garnet92, for the suggestion. Indeed, over the last couple of years, I’ve here posted a half-dozen pieces designed to do exactly as you suggest. None gained any traction or garnered here much comment even from this audience.

      This piece, at least as I see it, is my humble attempt to explain why it didn’t and why it won’t. My kind of folks don’t assemble, don’t rally, don’t speak what others write, don’t speak others’ “talking points”, don’t conform to groupthink.

    • As I mentioned at this site …

      The gentleman said in the video, “‘The government itself is its own special interest.’ ” That has the potential to be the underlying melody for the conservatives in the Republican Party. “Special interest” leaves a bad taste in the mouth across the political spectrum, and it has the potential to lead the listener to conclude the speaker is a “Washington outsider.”

      • Back a month-and-a-half-ish I noted at

        “Sadly, government is a magnet for non-angels. Further, what has transpired as those in the U.S. Government have trashed constitutional limits is that the #1 lobbyist of the U.S. Government is the U.S. Government. The Civil Service System and government-employee unions dominate. The #1 enemy of the USAF is the U.S. Army. The #1 enemy of Infantry is Armor. The biggest military battles of each year are fought in the House Ways & Means Committee. Legislative “earmarks” are legislator lobbying, and one hand washes the other, all at the expense of We the People.”

  4. Randy Ceccucci


    I know that you & your family have made a great adjustment to the next chapters in your lives. As always, am enjoying your insights and analysis. I gave a special calendar to customers this past year commemorating my 50th year of serving the industrial rubber products industry…The Freedom Calendar. I have one pigeonholed. Can’t recall if I have already sent you one. If not, let me know and I’ll slip it in the mail.

    Take Care,


  5. CW

    Well played, drpete!

    When should we charge the stage?

    • Thanks, CW, for the compliment. I’m not convinced that charging the stage would be productive.

      Just a note: I’m refused commenting at your blog, that because I refuse to answer third-party questions about my identity.

      • CW

        I understand and I’m sorry about that but I’ve been plagued by a couple of vicious stalkers (one leftover from TH) and that was the best way to get rid of them.

    • For what it’s worth — darn little, methinks — at a “townhall”-type meeting I’d ask questions of the audience. Would you prefer to choose yourself what your family will eat tomorrow for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner or have someone at, say, the FDA choose for you? Would you prefer to choose yourself who you invite as company in your home or have, say, the Justice Department determine invitees for you so that you don’t inadvertently discriminate?

      Would you prefer to choose yourself your family doctor or have the Department of Health & Human Services assign one? Would you prefer to choose the school your children attend or have government assign them?

      • CW

        I’m guessing they’ll say they prefer to make their own choices, but then you need to follow-up your questions with “Are you willing to assume the responsibility for paying for these things yourselves? and I’m guessing they’ll be less enthusiastic.

        Too many are willing to trade their freedom for subsidies from the taxpayers.

  6. People are lazy by nature, avoiding confrontation with reality, avoiding anything that requires effort beyond mere enjoyment of the moment. It makes sense that they would open their minds to receive well orchestrated and endlessly rehearsed compositions, conducted so as to appeal to their apathetic nature. Conversely, improvisational jazz requires active participation from the audience to “get” what’s happening off the scored page.

    The former is always the same, with the only variance being the particular orchestra and conductor reading from the sheet. The latter plays from a sheet of general construct — just a few notes — yet by adhering to a few well thought foundational principles, they’re able to escape the chains of standardized composition and ignite the imagination, simultaneously stirring the passions of Liberty, taking any audience willing to comprehend all that jazz, soaring to amazing heights and freedom.

    Enjoyed this one immensely drpete.

    • Glad to have pleased, AfterShock. I think that ambition is inherent in human nature. So, however, is receiving more than earned.

      Progressivism/liberalism smothers the former while supporting the latter. If there were neither a government-mandated minimum wage nor any form of government welfare, there would, I contend, a great resurgence in work and productivity. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

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