fighting for freedom and against tyranny



As of this writing – 8:21 a.m. Tuesday March 4, 2014 – there exist 174,545 total pages in the Code of Federal Regulations.  6,669 regulatory changes or notices were posted on over the last three month period – an average of 74 per day.  Today – March 4, 2014 — there are 3,503 federal regulations in the pipeline.

More than half of American small-business owners today say that with the current regulatory environment they would not start a business.  More than half also say that countries like China and India are more-small-business-friendly and supportive than is the United States.  283,615 full-time government employees are dedicated to drafting and enforcing federal regulations.  A recent study estimates annual regulatory compliance costs at $1.8 trillion — exceeding half of all total federal expenditures, as well as Canada’s or Mexico’s GDP.

Article 1 Section 8 of the United States Constitution Constitutionasserts that for government to place any a priori proscription on individual liberty said limitation must first pass the “necessary and proper” test.  A great example is the prohibition on “yelling fire in a crowded theater”.  Not in an uncrowded theater, not in an outdoor stadium, not saying or whispering, not “smoke” rather than “fire”.  I estimate that 174,543 regulatory pages today cannot pass the test and, thus, should and must be repealed.

The executive branch of the U.S. Government is to execute and enforce laws passed by Congress and signed by the president, not to employ 283,615 people to write regulations which replace and substitute for laws passed by the congress elected by We the People.

Here is just one of tens-of-thousands of regulations which have hurt America, its businesses, its consumers, its freedom and liberty.  Seatbelts.  Volvo back in the day was known as “boxey” and positioned in consumer minds as the “safe vehicle”.  Men bought it to do their duty to protect their families.  Innovating to strengthen its brand, Volvo engineers invented and designed the automobile seatbelt.

Regulators at the U.S. Department of Transportation Highway Safety Division leapt to attention, studied them, developed detailed specs to the point of minutia, then mandated that every motor vehicle thereinafter built using public highways and byways in America include them.  On that day all innovation engineering activity vis-à-vis individual auto restraints ceased.  lyndon johnsonWhy cripple innovation and creativity?  Power and control.

If We the People get congress to eliminate, say, 283,614 regulators and repeal 174,543 regulatory pages, will that fix America?  Necessary but grossly-insufficient.  Congress itself has proved itself perfectly capable and willing to plunder freedom and liberty in pursuit of power and control.

It was congress, inspired by President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who passed “Great Society” including its War on Poverty. war on poverty From the end of World War II to 1964 the rate of poverty in America was cut in half.  Fully 94% of that reduction was explainable by increases in per capita income.  Expansion of the economy.  Relative freedom.  A rising tide, indeed, floated all boats.  Absent the War on Poverty, the poverty rate projection for 2011 was 1.4%, down from 15% in 1964.poverty-goodman  It bottomed in 1999 at about 11% and as of 2011 was back at 15%.  The cost to American taxpayers to achieve nothing-nil-nada-zero-zip-zilch was a mere $15,000,000,000,000 (that’s trillion).

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11 responses to “fighting for freedom and against tyranny

  1. CW

    $15,000,000,000,000 – STOLEN. That ought to be a record, don’t you think?

    Thanks for the great read, drpete.

    • You’re welcome, CW. Thanks for the compliment.

      Back in the 1970s, social scientists who believed in the welfare state were awarded government grants to study how the War was winning. They ran experiments with experimental groups and control groups. You’ve never read about those studies because they produced results 180 degrees from what both the gubmint and the researchers fully-expected and passionately-wanted.

      For example, among those receiving welfare the number of hours worked dropped by 9% for husbands and 20% for wives. For young male adults it dropped 43% more. The length of unemployment increased 27% among husbands and 42% for wives, relative to the control group. For single female heads of households it increased 60% more. Divorce increased 36% more among whites and 42% more among blacks.

      • CW

        It’s astounding and yet not at all surprising. When the studies demonstrate that your policies are producing the opposite of what you profess to want and yet you dig your heels in and continue with those policies, that’s all the proof I need that what you claim to want is not really what you care about. The Left wants voters, power, gov’t jobs and accolades for their big hearts. As long as their boondoggles produce those things they will fight tooth and nail regardless of what it does for “the poor” (the who?) or what it costs everyone else.

  2. Dan

    Well Doc, I think it safe to say I learn something everytime I stop by here. And I try to steer as many as I can in this direction so maybe they can learn a little something too. People need to get smarter if we’re to have any hope of getting things turned around before the fat lady finishes the last chorus.

  3. Great post, DrPete. The figures are overwhelming to yours truly. It’s almost like reading a work of fiction. Can I get a refund?

    • Thank you, Dan, CW, and Mrs. AL for coming and commenting. The $15 mil is a tiny cost when contrasted with the impact on black American families.

      Just for one example, between 1970 (shortly after passage of the Great Society War on Poverty) and 2011 America had 279,348 blacks murdered. The total of blacks killed in Korea, Viet Nam and all military actions since is about 18,500. It is much much safer for a young black man to be in military combat than, say, in Memphis or Philadelphia or Chicago or Detroit. Pre-War on Poverty 85% of black children were raised in two-parent households. Now only 35% are.

      • CW

        Your just a walking encyclopedia, drpete! Those stats are eye-opening indeed.

        Based on the above maybe we should make it a law that all young black men who aren’t college-bound must join the military. They’d be safer and they’d learn some valuable skills. I’m guessing the unemployment rate for black men with military experience is far less than for those without it.

      • Given, CW, that in the aggregate black males age eighteen have the language skills of a white 9th grader and the math skills of a white 7th grader, the U.S. Military cannot and should not try to carry the burden of your suggestion.

  4. You forgot to mention that this is all done “for our own good”… making it perfectly acceptable!

    We must acknowledge that the government drones — elected or otherwise — know far better what’s good for us than we do ourselves. We must bow to their superior wisdom.


    I’m constantly reminded of the adage that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. When a country’s liberty finally disappears, it’s seldom because some tyrant rose to power at the point of a gun. It’s because the people willingly gave up their freedoms incrementally, a piece at a time, until suddenly one day they looked around and it was gone. The old frog-boiling metaphor acted out in real life.

    Example: my current essay is about the proposed ban on e-cigarettes in the city of LA. Well, guess what? Today, that ban was enacted, by a vote of 14 – 0. Not ONE dissenting vote.

    Not one.

    Res ipsa loquitur.

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