Is there an actual producer who approves of Obama?



Given 5+ years of the Obama Administration,obama6 a now record 47% of Americans and just over 50% of American households receive “entitlement” welfare from the U.S. Government, yet current polls give President Obama an approval rating of just 38%. Some 92% of American blacks voted for Barack Obama and 98% of obama4American black women.

Does that mean that even bribery isn’t working? Does that suggest that among those Americans who actually work and pay taxes that the President’s approval rating is in single digits approachingobama-whisper2 ZERO?

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11 responses to “Is there an actual producer who approves of Obama?

  1. Only because it is not possible to rate in the minus digits.

  2. History is repeating itself, as it tends to do.

    This is the same path Carter went down, though he managed to do it in a single term.

    People tend to vote their own self-interest — their wallets — and when it becomes so blatantly obvious that your policies are draining those wallets, you’re going to find yourself in a very lonely place.

    That’s the case with Obozo, particularly through Obamacare, which I believe will prove to be the Achilles Heel for the Dem/socialists. It’s draining EVERYONE’S wallets, all the way down to the lowliest minimum wage worker.

    Yesterday, his message was that people should “give up” their cable TV and tasty snacks to pay for it. That is NOT a message that’s going to sit well with ANYbody.

    Even though some “millennial” burger-flipper may only have to spend $80/month for a subsidized plan — an amount that seems incredibly cheap to you and me — if you’re only making $10/hour for part-time work while you’re going to school that 80 bucks can be a BOATLOAD of money. And what kid wants to sit around in front of a dark TV, bored out of their skulls, eating Saltines, just so they can pay for health insurance?

    This is a great illustration of the point where socialism completely fails: it’s running out of other peoples’ money, just as Thatcher noted.

  3. I have argued hereon, BrianR, that Islamists living in our midst are more dangerous to America than their terrorist brethren, and those seemingly-innocuous Islamists would agree with me. They, like progressives/liberals, seek to implode your and my America, and fear that the terrorists wake up the enemy.

    I guesstimate that 35% of American voters would and will vote for Obama regardless, either because of the boatload of goodies they receive or because he’s black. With just 38% approval, obviously nearly everyone else has turned away from him. Progressives/liberals — even NEA schoolteachers and college sociology profs — may be like the Islamists, seeing Obama and his Alinskyite-Cloward-&-Piven cronies as like the Islamist terrorists, i.e., waking the enemy.

    Heritage Action, Freedomworks, Tea Parties, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, et al, aren’t napping.

  4. CW

    >>”Does that mean that even bribery isn’t working?”

    It probably just means the free-loaders want more, or they’re unhappy because the freebies aren’t coming fast enough.

  5. Obonzo and the democrat “brain trust” bit off a bit more than they could chew when they rammed the ACA through with NO republican votes. Then they followed that brilliant move by lying (bald-faced) to the American public over keeping a plan, keeping a doctor, and reducing a family’s health insurance cost by $2,500/yr. I think that Obonzo and the dems have put the public on notice that they can’t be trusted and all that is unholy can’t be blamed on the Republicans. They sowed the wind, now they’re reaping the whirlwind. They brought it on themselves – unforced errors – not brought on by the brilliance of their Republican counterparts.

    • So, garnet92, I see your point about the oligarchy with Barack Obama as turtle-atop-the-fencepost having irreparably hurt the Democrat brand. We must also acknowledge that the GOP brand isn’t exactly generating euphoria atop the American mind.

      My question to you, garnet92, is what do you think will follow the (a) decimation of the medical profession, the (b) elimination of a private-sector risk-management industry vis-a-vis medical and pharmaceutical insurance, and the (c) implosion of the ACA, aka “Obamacare”?

      People will continue, I presume, to get sick and get injured, to age entropy, but with a dearth of treatment options and no way for a sane person to hedge versus “the big one”.

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