Barking up the wrong tree while spitting into the wind



I think it sad that so much discussion in public discourse is about who controls the seat of government power rather than what and how much power said government wields.  It is starkly-clear to many with whom I speak and interact that the leftist-progressive/liberal-Alinskyite-Cloward-&-Piven-implode-capitalism-and-America folks in congress and particularly the White House and executive branch are too powerful, and must be stopped.  And I agree.

What even the folks with whom I regularly interact seek, however, is replacing those now there with all that government power and force with better people, you know, people who think as do we.  In my almost-always-humble opinion, what We the People must do is to wrest almost all of that power from the governments one way or the other and take charge of our unalienable rights to life, to liberty, and to property.

There is no acceptable future and life until that is done.  James Madison states it well in Federalist 51: “But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.”

F.A. Hayak said in his essay “Why I am not a conservative”, “[T] he conservative does not object to coercion or arbitrary power so long as it is used for what he regards as the right purposes. He believes that if government is in the hands of decent men, it ought not to be too much restricted by rigid rules. Since he is essentially opportunist and lacks principles , his main hope must be that the wise and the good will rule— not merely by example, as we all must wish, but by authority given to them and enforced by them. Like the socialist, he is less concerned with the problem of how the powers of government should be limited than with that of who wields them; and, like the socialist, he regards himself as entitled to force the value he holds on other people.”

We — people who say we need to replace the progressives/liberals in government with conservatives — want to kill the EPA and the Departments of Education, Health & Human Services, and Housing & Urban Development, but don’t want a finger to be laid upon all of the Agriculture crony fascism and the industrial-military complex of which President Eisenhower warned.

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15 responses to “Barking up the wrong tree while spitting into the wind

  1. In MY almost-always-humble opinion, returning the country to a more Constitutional operation requires first electing wise and good people who, after they’re seated, will remain true to their mandate to “erase” a lot of what’s been done in the past 15 or 20 years.

    That’s a real challenge. Finding those people is challenge enough, but encouraging them to run the political gauntlet won’t be easy either. Funding and electing them is yet another challenge. It won’t be easy, but it’s the only way that we’ll ever get out of this political whirlpool that’s dragging us down into a vortex from which the country will never escape. A few more years like the last six may make a “recovery” impossible (or at least improbable).

    • Thanks, garnet92, for your insights. I think them measured.

      I’d peg the birth of our nation’s death at the early 1860s when, while indeed winning America’s life-or-death crisis #2, the U.S. Government grabbed increased power relative to the states and the people, not intended in the founding. Then I’d peg the beginning of the life-or-death crisis #3 within which we now live at 1913, so not the “past 15 or 20 years.”

      What I’ve expressed in this essay is why in late 2007 I founded “GetAmericaRight”, though unfortunately I lacked the talent and skill to gain traction, so had to shut it down.

  2. CW

    One of the problems with being a conservative today is that there are as many different definitions of the label “conservative” as there are people who’ve ever used that term.

    Hayek said, “Like the socialist, he is less concerned with the problem of how the powers of government should be limited than with that of who wields them;”

    Well since there is such a broad range of people who label themselves “conservative” I hardly think it’s fair to paint us all with such a broad brush but I will say this: one thing I’ve come to understand slower than I’d like to admit is that all of the limits you want to impose are of no use whatsoever if you aren’t extremely particular about who you elect to positions of power. The clearest proof of that is the current power-abuser-in-chief, Barack Obama. The limits built into the Constitution have been no match for him, especially since half the country is in cahoots with him. I dare say someone like Ted Cruz would have a bit more respect for the limits intended by the Constitution, so perhaps that comparison will shed some light on why some conservatives are focused so much on who is wielding the power of gov’t.

    I also don’t think it’s fair to lump all of us together as “we” when you say “we” don’t want to end agri-dept cronyism or when you suggest that the defense of military spending is strictly partisan protectionism. I doubt that applies to you, and I would rebut that by saying that anyone who wants to protect agri-cronyism or military spending without regard to our national defense needs is not a true conservative, regardless of how they define themselves.

    Bill Maher once called himself a Libertarian. Juan Williams recently referred to himself as a Libertarian. Does that mean we have to re-define Libertarian? Or could it mean that some people don’t really know themselves all that well.

    • Power corrupts, CW, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The power now wielded by the oligarchy running the U.S. Government, having usurped it from the states and from the people, easily rivals that of Stalin in the old Soviet Union, Mao in Communist China, and Hitler’s Third Reich. Those three combined killed approaching 100 million people who refused to submit.

      I can blame Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush for all contributing to this mess.

      • CW

        Yes, those presidents deserve some of the blame but so do most of the American people, via their apathy, ignorance, laziness and greed. Sort of like the portrait of Dorian Gray reflected his true nature, the leadership of the country is often a reflection of what’s wrong with its people.

      • And, CW, we can go back to John Dewey, the progressives’ superstar vis-a-vis education to explain why a majority of adult Americans cannot name a single U.S. Senator or a single Supreme Court Justice, believe that the sun revolves around the earth, but can name every performer on this year’s Oscars.

  3. Bring it all down! Then leave reconstruction to those who have the self-interested goal of liberty to live life, and to acquire property in the individual pursuit of happiness, with government being no more than a footnote of security as to the aforementioned goal.

  4. BTW, AfterShock is Back!~ — Again!

  5. Oh, Yeah — Happy Mothers Day :)

  6. To all you Mothers out there!!!

  7. CW

    Hey…what happened to you Drpete? Hope all is well.

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