Cloward & Piven implemented



Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are, and have been in recent days, flooding across our southern border with Mexico with absolutely no effort on our obama4part to slow, much less stop, it. Why? President Obama invited them and ordered us.

Arizona and Texas have thousands of immigrants who are unaccompanied children as young as three years old. It is a humanitarian disaster and Americans in Arizona and Texas have been intentionally placed in a lose-lose crisis. Why? President Obama seeks to implode the American legal system, the American economy, the American rule of law, indeed America.

The U.S. Department of Justice is hiring and providing lawyers at taxpayer expense to represent the illegals in any effort against American taxpayers. Why? obama-whisper2See above. If you’d taken a graduate school class at Columbia University with Barack Obama, you’d see all of this clearly. Professors Cloward and Piven. Top-down, bottom-up, overwhelm the system, causing it to crash.

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9 responses to “Cloward & Piven implemented

  1. I agree 100% drpete. I’ve been screaming about the Cloward-Piven strategy for ages and it falls on deaf ears. He’s going “by the book” using the orchestrated chaos techniques that almost bankrupted New York City. Unfortunately (for us) the LIVs don’t have a clue that what Obama is doing throughout his reign has been following Alinsky and Cloward & Piven in his activities – he’s not smart to have dreamed up his subversive actions on his own – all he’s had to do is buy two paperbacks and follow their directions. Chaos is what we’re in for.

    • Thanks, garnet92. A half-dozen scandals competing for attention and airtime. New ones added two-at-a-time. Obamacare proceeding to maim and cripple with half under-the-radar. The unaccompanied children in massive numbers is a health, moral and humane crisis of unprecedented proportions. And it’s barely on most Americans’ radar.

  2. Cream of Wheat

    I real eye-opener for me. While familiar with Alinsky and – to a lesser degree – ACORN, these names were new to me. So I did a little research and ran across a piece by James Simpson written back in 2008 (found @, which traces the links between Cloward & Priven through numerous others to Community Organizer Obama, describing the method to, as you say, “crash” the system; first the Welfare system (which doubled, the multiplied exponentially, the number on the Federal dole), then crashed the voter-registration system, thus making it practicably impossible to verify voters (leading to the opportunity for massive voter fraud), and now crashing the immigration system by deliberately encouraging massive illegal immigration as well as massive amnesty for those already here. (One wonders if some in the ACORN chain didn’t actually ARRANGE the 1000-mile trek leading to the influx of the poor little children.)

    While the article by Simpson cited above is a little dated, it is a wonderful detail trace of the implementation of Cloward & Priven’s plan for crashing the entire capitalist system and eliminating the much-talked-about “income-gap,” replacing it with a self-described communist society. (no, REALLY!) I recommend the article to your fellows.

  3. CW

    Absolutely, Drpete, we’re being hit from all directions at once. There’s a crisis at the border, a gigantic overreach of power at the EPA, the mess that is Obamacare, a foreign policy nightmare everywhere we turn, the nullification of our justice department and on and on. And I nearly forgot about the financial hole he’s dug us into with his welfare policies until I read Cream of Wheat’s comment. It’s Cloward and Piven on steroids.

  4. Of course I did a lengthy expos’e of the C/P Obama connection back at I still marvel at the so-called conservative pundits that refer to BHO’s actions as “naïveté”. Even Obama’s negative middle-east policy, allowing Iraq to fall as we speak, is motivated by the regime’s political desire to equalize and defeat the great Satan — America — for the good of the world.

    In BHO’s most recent presser, he stated an urgency existed about the Iraq situation, but then in direct contradiction he said he’d need several days to evaluate the situation before coming up with any plan to assist. Same old! Meanwhile, oil speculation based on the real threat of terrorist disruption in Iraq, spiked crude prices higher. Hey man, the “higher” the better for Barrack Hussein Obama, (just as with his crack habit}.

    Scarier to me than the emergency in Iraq and rise in oil price, is Barrack’s crack addled mind. Obama continues to flout the fight for American liberty and because he lacks credulity everywhere in the world, our cold-war era fear of nuclear confrontation is now being considered viable as an option option by our many totalitarian enemies, from N. Korea and Iran to the remnant of the Soviet Union not to mention the growing power of ISIS and Al Qaeda.. My advice? Impeach Obama now. The circus will need ring masters, and I believe a majority of Americans will be looking for truth. In fact I believe they are finally starting to seek truth out. Okay, that might be leap of faith, I admit.

    • As to your much-earlier TH piece, AfterShock, most of us have had the benefit of your input to shape our thinking and analysis, and I appreciate that and thank you for it.

      I actually think that it might be wise for some conservative/libertarian types to initiate impeachment action. Regardless of House action, the Senate will never convict, but for the mass of Americans as yet unfocused, it will expose the crimes.

      • I actually believe an impeachment action will force the Dems to seriously consider conviction as the electorate discover to what extent they’ve been deceived and realize more fully who and what this guy really is. In fact I believe conservatism will gain by the exposure while the progressives and the media will suffer some well deserved public wrath.

        As for my input so many years ago drpete, and upon a second reading of my previous comment, it looks a bit like I was fishing for some recognition. I didn’t set out to do that but I’d be hard-pressed to find any rationale by which to deny it since I began the first sentence of the first paragraph with it :) At any rate kind sir, I appreciate greatly your complimentary words and honorable mention!

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