thedrpete, aka Dr. Pete Stevens is a husband, father of three,

a view from my former home office

grandfather of five, brother to one, and a septuagenarian.

Before retiring, he was a global tourism, education, and business consultant, author, writer, speaker, researcher, and universities professor.  Back before that he was a dishwasher, parking attendant, waiter, bartender, cook, chef, restaurant, entertainment, and night club manager

Along the way, Pete earned a B.S. degree, an M.B.A., and a Ph.D., all from Michigan State University.  He’s lived in 47 states and worked in 48, that along with stints in Switzerland and France, Turkey, Palestine via Israel, Jordan, Peoples Republic of China and Japan.  He was born in New York City and now resides in southeast Florida.

While trying to improve his golf game, Pete also devotes substantial time, effort, and resources as a nationally certified track and field official working a little at the elementary and middle-school level, a tad more with highschoolers, and a lot with college-level and professional competitions.

the family in our former boat on the Tennessee River

The athletes with whom I work (mostly student-athletes) strive to take their minds and bodies where almost no one dares, past the edge of disaster, that to be the very-best that they can be.  It is an inspiration to both witness and facilitate said, and I get to  engage young people all the time who would energize your hope in the future.

thedrpete and family in 2014 embarked on their “next adventure” at the PGA Golf Club and Village Verano in southeast Florida.

where we used to call home

5 responses to “About

  1. Wow, Dr.Pete you have been just about everywhere in your life time. I sure wish I had all that travel under my belt to know so many of the states although I have been in many of them. You seem to be a go getter and that is what we need in this country right now.

  2. drpete — I also have a BS degree (LOL)!

  3. Dr. Pete,

    I also have a degree but not as renowned as yours. I have a degree in nursing and later in my 2nd career I have a a degree in IT. Does not bring me up to your level but that was not possible for me for many reasons which I won’t name.

  4. Oh by the way, I also have a degree in Hard Knocks. In more ways than one.

  5. Hi Dr. Pete,

    Came to your blog from Moe’s “Whatever Works”, where you commented re: Grayson and the OWS.

    Enjoyed reading your posts. Sounds like we have similar backgrounds and interests. I look forward to reading more.


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